The Body Doesn’t Lie workshop by Sofia Brito

This workshop is a combination of technical training for performers and a laboratory for movement research. The idea of the ‘body doesn’t lie’ comes to me from the fact that our unconscious mind is talking through the body even if by words you are able to say something different. After more than 20 year experiencing a regular practice of meditation, improvisation for stage, yoga and shiatsu as a therapist, I know that I always read more what the body says, than what the person says.

The workshop will last 5 days, and it will be clear 2 different parts each day. In the morning the first part of the training is technical, to explore awareness atencion within mouvent. The class will drive you in different kinds of presence that we can have and we can choose to use on stage. it is a technical training with movement in release base dance techniques and physical theater, to refining your level of awareness and how to use release for feeling your acting body. After a pause and lunch, in the afternoon the second part of the training is improvisation exercises, how the state of body/mind that this training bring will give you a particular drive in you movement research. By connecting with different layers of thought, images, and emotional awareness, you will learn how to shift inside to generate movement to the outside..

So you can use this proposal for deepening you performative ability to connect with different layer of yourself during performing experience on stage. You can use it to bring other kinds of inspiration in your creativity in movement research and composer. I see it as a space to be more regenerative and you can use more of your energy and your truth of the moment. Even being a dancer or circus artist, you can relate with your ability of playing with your internal atencion. to bring more spontaneous in a lighter, meaningful and fun experience of yourself. 

For a performer to practicing this level of awareness is extremely powerful, if you want to communicate emotional and connect deeper with the audience. When you evolve your deeper layers in what you do, beside you movement ability and technical body control, you are communicating a full human being experience, thought your deeper awareness connection of your full life experience.

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