It’s not a story workshop by Sofia Brito

This workshop has a focus on solo composition. Dance for the stage in solo is very particular, since we are reducing it all to one dancer/performer. The questions of how to use the space, how to guide the espectateur eyes, how to play with visual and plasticity of performing possibilities even in solo, all is going to be there. On the other side we have an opportunity to go deeper in clarity of content, of  language, style and explore your personal artistic voice. I see solo practicing as a big challenge and a great exercise. 

In this workshop I’ll share with you different methodologies, lightup awareness and approach reflections to support your creative processes. 

We are in a location close to nature and I believe that this will be inspiring as well. That is why my proposal is to have 5 days with guidance + 2 days by yourself with studio facilities + 5 days of guidance and video-dance to register and frame it. 

During the sessions I will give you tools, you will start your path and create your map at the same time. Each day we will take a look at a specific aspect of solo composition (subject, space, language, time, visual and sound supports). The day starts with a warmup class for 1h30, then we will do some exercises on solo for the rest of the morning. After lunch there is going to be time for yourself when you have the drive, and time for sharing, and to see and be seen. Sharing is not a must, is a choice, and it will come in the right moment for each one of the participants, all is there to support the courage, confidence, authenticity and the specificity of your solo project. Seen and be seen is a supportive process for awareness, to get inspired in walking you own way with confidence. 

After the first week you have, in some way the essence of your solo or the foundations and you will have some kind of material (physical, conceptual, spatial, musical or visual). The second week is about energising, giving it consistency, making choices, expanding for some complementary material you want to have in it. The morning warmup will be more diverse, and we go further in composing with more time for dance phrases, and how to explore ways to expand using choreographic tools. There will be time for personal feedback, and during this week you also chose a space to make a video-dance of the solo by the end of the second week.

Each one will make a map, at the same time you are walking you adventure path. My proposal is to give you the frame and the guideline to create a short solo. I see this solo composition process like creating seeds, that you will use later in your path to make a forest with, when the opportunity is there.

* GWF: GOOD WEEK FLOW After this 2 weeks of workshop we are opening a week of ‘ go with the creative flow’ in the residency frame, only for the participants of this workshop. So you can stay longer in the facilities and in you personal work. You will get that choice in the info by email with registration.

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