Human Moves workshop by Hugh Stanier

This intensive will focus on training the body and developing the creative mind. THE TRAINING in the morning will be class and workshop based. We will also work with presence and awareness based practices to create a space of deep listening, and an ability to tune-in to the body’s needs and innate abilities.

Floor work . These classes are built upon Hugh’s own research of dancing with the floor. Drawing on Somatic developmental patterns, release based movement and breakdance techniques. We focus on releasing tension in the body and work with fluidity, rhythm and momentum to find economic and efficient ways in and out of the floor. Leading to Flying through the air and swimming through the floor.Improvisation and Contact Improvisation. We will explore some core principles vital to understanding and finding freedom in the body. Exercises will focus on investigations to deepen a physical knowledge of the body in motion with others, building up a functional understanding of the underlying principles and structures of contact improvisation, as well as widening the trust to our instincts, impulses and intuition. Exercises will alternate between contact and solo work to connect to our own body as well as to the group as a whole. Together we create an open, safe space to feel free to discover new ways of moving and being. Playing around ideas of momentum, suspension, inertia, falling and swinging. Slowing down and breathing, allowing time for listening, sensing and sinking deeper into moments and sensations. Fine tuning and subtle precision

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