Each guest artist/ teacher will bring different workshops in this subject of creation of ‘Trio Partenering’ research and composition, and will present their personal approach.

Our guest artists that will facilitate this workshop and the dates will be announced soon. Write us to aorca.pt@gmail.com if you want to be informed directly!

<3 Trio Partnering by Sofia Brito

The approach of trio i’ll bring comes from the repertory previous training of Trish Brown repertory. The lightness on contact and weight exchanges, where the inter relationship is constantly kept at the asem time there is a lot of space for self proposal. The cause and effect in the movement research is a constant observation and inspiration for the next contribution for the trio.

We will start with release wantm up on the principles of internal sequence of body, cause and effect. We will approach contact partnering works with lightness and spread, to come for trio interaction and compositions with playfulness and a constant discovery of the interdependence that could bring unexpected and nuriching creative solution.

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