Choreographer, performer and contemporary dance researcher. Professional dancer since 2003, her main motivation is the idea of transformation and participation, driven by intuition and pleasure. The last works #VIBRA#DOR and CORPO SANTO are marks of her artistic trajectory with interest in ritual and performance, and now with MA-MA and Pela Nossa Pele, in anthropocene and ecofeminism. In 2005 she created and directed Baila Louca improvisation and performance, Rotterdam, a platform for international collaboration. 1st prize in the Solo Dance Contest (2012, Gdansk Dance Festival). In Portugal she is the founding artistic director of Partícula Extravagante Ass. Since 2005 she is active in the practice of Contact Improvisation, facilitates CI around the world and co-organizes the PT Festival Contacto Improvisação. She teaches at ESD and other European faculties, as well as in several international festivals. Master in Performing Arts (FCSH), PhD student in Artistic Studies – Art and Mediations (FCSH), and Researcher at ICNOVA-Performance Cognition.

Photo © Duarte Nobre

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