Ewelina Kotwa is a Freiburg based independent dancer, choreographer, and scientist – a unique combination of sharp rationality and poetic sensitivity. She comes originally from Wroclaw (Poland) where she spent the first 20 years of her life. Since then she was living in Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Haiti, and now in Germany. In her choreographic work Ewelina is searching for reduced movement language and clear geometric forms. To say little but enough – capturing the essence. Simplicity and clarity are the keywords for these attempts. And poetry – she reaches far beyond the pure aesthetics in order to create subtle, poetic worlds and intimacy.
At the moment she is involved in two dance collectives: twOne Company and Silent Cosmonauts Kollektiv. Apart for her artistic activities, Ewelina is active researcher at the University of Basel, Department of Psychosomatic Medicine.

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