During this workshop, we will practice flying low (1,5 hour) and partnering (2 hours).

Flying low is a method developed by David Zambrano, to train going from vertical dancing to floor work and back up. All this fluently, fast and without hurting yourself, using the principles of spiraling, gathering and sending.
Partnering will be approached through Shared Center, a way to move through space in two, with one common center of gravity. Based on an ongoing research of Paola and Florian, Shared Center uses pushing and pulling to transfer energy between the two dancers. This allows them to stay connected at all times, and move spontaneously across the floor, on the floor or in the air, constantly dancing.
Workshop is open for all levels.

2/08 10H – 13H30
3/08 10H – 13H30
4/08 10H – 13H30

PLACE: ADL (Associação de Dança de Lagos)
Lagos, Portugal

Full price 3 Days WS: 125€ | Early bird: 100€
*Early bird for the first 10 registrations.

**Discount for participating in both workshops: DANCE PARTNERING + CLOWN
Full price both workshops (5 Days): 200€ | Early bird: 160€

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Paola Di Bella is an Italian born artist. She does her dance education at Laban Centre in London, and then moves to Brussels in 2012. She does her own work and works with local artists as well as internationally (Pietro Marullo, Tino Sehgal, Xavier le Roy, Renan Martins, David Zambrano).

Florian Vuille is a Swiss born performer. He studies physical theater at Scuola Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland and then works as a Clown in several circuses in Europe. In 2012 he moves to Brussels and starts to dance a.o. with David Zambrano.

Paola and Florian meet in 2014 and work since then regularly together as a duo or within the improvisation collective Brut Movement (A Rit Meo, Shared Center, Atchum, De Roue en Rue,…) They share their practice, as part of their practice, with professional dancers as well as dance lovers or kids.

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