Corpus Incognitos workshop by Helder Seabra

Developed further from the previous workshop Innercore. We’ll start with a class focusing on organic way of moving, using and recycling energy with continuous flow, growing progressively from the floor and approach concepts like risk, trust, instinct and speed. We’ll focus amongst others on kinetic force and anatomy, departing from and back to our own center, with an openness towards the inside (physical consciousness) and outside (all around us) merging what we control and what we let happen/observe.

Then this encounter, will be a confrontation through a meditative state diving into your own vortex and the relationship between yourself and the space around you. In the untapped corners of your own mind and body, by finding your own vortex, you will allow the complexity of your subconscious to spur, on the technical and creative level, and generate your own individuality within the collectivity of those around you. We will explore methods of generating material that play with the personality, image, and the strengths and weaknesses of the individual in an attempt to find unique and specified material.

Discovering your vulnerability of the unconscious by channeling the purity of presence and take pleasure in spontaneity, you’ll have the freedom to question:

When can we set a limit to the forward movement?

How does a dancer approaches character, how does a character move/dance?

As this journey fluctuates between you as a human and performer you will discover your internal guerilla reflected back through the root of the dark matter.

Dark matter? Can we allow ourselves to go there?

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