Bonny The Gemini is a choreographer with a very unique and passionate style with a natural aptitude for artistic creation. Trained by choreographer and dancer Puffy. Bonny also has workshops with International Choreographers like Brian Puspos/Parris Goebel and works that give him experience in front of and behind the cameras like the videos in which he participated as guest dancer and choreographer for singers like Sam The Kid, Nuno Guerreiro, Da Weasel, or even in the recent past with Expensive Soul. Creative choreographer recognized in all areas of the entertainment industry such as Live Shows, Advertising, Fashion Events, Video Clips and Corporate Events. Having taught mostly in the Algarve at various Academies and Gymnasiums during his early career Bonny remembers the Algarve as his ‘birthplace of inspiration’.

Bonny moved to Lisbon where he worked as a dancer in the Disney produced High School Musical in Portugal, soon after he was invited to be the choreographer for the 1st Portuguese team who participated in the Hip Hop International Dance Championships and also participated as a dancer in the Gorillaz performance at the MTV Music Awards in 2005 which was held in Portugal and hosted by Borat. He has worked with musicians such as Nuno Guerreiro, Sam The Kid or more recently with the band Expensive Soul where he choreographed and performed the role of Cupid in the debut videoclip of the band’s album “Sonhador”. He has a degree in Film/TV Directing from ETIC school in Faro completed in 2019.

He recently won the 3rd European Prize in the Live your dream competition held 3m Rome as a choreographer for the Soul Association. You can find him teaching classes in the Youth Space at ADL Dance School.

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