“First, it is strange, then it is ingrained.”

Fernando Pessoa

Twilight Sounds
Cycle of monthly classical music concerts

Twilight Sounds presents a cycle of commented concerts, under the artistic direction of Ana Nunes and Gonçalo Duarte, as a form of dynamism and cultural offer in the municipality of Lagos, using noble spaces, examples of which are churches, cultural monuments and the Centro Cultural de Lagos. Initially, and for the year 2021, the concerts will be held monthly, with the aim of promoting cultural enjoyment, the involvement and the transformation of the dynamics of society and, to a certain extent, contribute to the increase of the socioeconomic fabric of our region. The concerts will be staged by professional musicians. The quality of the musicians and the events are the basic premise for us; it is also necessary to take into account the importance of holding events in prime time and, gradually, betting on musicians of recognized merit in the national and international panorama.

We believe that, in the medium and long term, the entire municipality will benefit directly and indirectly from these activities. It is crucial to provide and insist on cultural enjoyment. Nobody likes something they don’t know.

The concerts will be commented on, with each work introduced by a brief contextualization in Portuguese and English, allowing the viewer to enjoy it to the fullest.

Twilight Sounds arises with the aim of giving dynamism to the municipality of Lagos through stimuli linked to classical music. In the first edition of Twilight Sounds, we propose a concert season, from May to December 2021, to take place on the first Saturday of each month, at 18h. Initially, they will take place on a monthly basis, however, we hope that in the next editions, Twilight Sounds can assume a dynamic of biweekly realization. One of the objectives is the decentralization of this cultural offer, taking some of these musical moments to monuments outside the city of Lagos.

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