Alicja is born in 1986, in Poland. Sociologist of Culture, socio-cultural animator of local communities and master in Sustainable Planning and Management of projects for Rural Development. Passionate about cultural diversity, she lived in seven countries and studied at the University of Ljubljana, the University of Lisbon, the Polytechnic of Madrid and University College Cork, conducting various research and projects in the areas of non-formal education of young people, intercultural education and agroecology.

Since 2002 she has worked as coordinator, secretary and vice-president of the Semper Avanti association, and after moving to Slovenia in 2007, she worked in the Youth Council of Ljubljana, where she was creating, coordinating and implementing social, educational and cultural projects, such as concerts, workshops and activities for children during the holidays, neighborhood festivals and parades, international youth exchanges, trainings, etc. In 2009, she got actively involved in the movement for food sovereignty and since then she has dedicated herself to the transition to a low carbon economy and permaculture, collaborating in various collective projects, cooperatives and local movements. Since 2016 she lives in Portugal, developing agroecological and cultural projects with Biovilla, Project 270, Equivicentinos, Quinta Vale de Lama and AORCA.