Artistic director and founder of Circo VagaMundo. Born in Germany of emigrant parents, Leo Lobo returns to Portugal, where he studied Environmental Education and worked with children and young people in the Natural and Environmental Reserve of Sado Estuary. In this context he felt the need to develop Non-Verbal communication tools, having attended several trainings in Theatre, Clown Technique and Body Movement.
In Germany, he worked for 10 years as a Circus-Pedagogue in different social circus like Circus Radieschen in Oldenburg or Abrax Kadabrax in Hamburg and circus schools like ZirkusSchule Seifenblase and Alacasam Pepolino. He has done training in inclusive and educational circus with Cirque du Monde (Cirque do Solei’s social project), Zirkus Macht Stark in Berlin and Cirkus in Beweging, Belgium. He traveled around Germany with the “Circus Family” teaching circus in several public schools. Always wanting the “circus caravan” to continue its journey, he developed Inclusive Circus projects in the seasons he spent in Portugal.
Based in Aljezur since 2017, it was in this location that he created the circus school, with which he has been signing his artistic and pedagogical work since then. He was co-creator and performer of the show CLOWNS, directed by Giacomo Scalisi and presented by Lavrar o Mar 2018.

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