with Varinia Canto Vila
05.07 – 16.07.2021

Deliberately I want to call MODULATIONS a workshop and a laboratory. With these two words, I hope to frame a research and learning session that is based on the transmission of some exploratory principles of the dancing body that have interested me in my dancer and creator whereabouts, inviting the participants to work on them from their own bodies and ways of moving. In this workshop-laboratory, no phrasing nor repertoire extracts will be taught, but the ideas will be transmitted in order to be tested, tried out and investigated.
The daily 6 hours workshop-laboratory will be structured in 2 parts: in the first half of the workshop, the principles will be worked out precisely and conscientiously; and the second half of the laboratory, the principles will be implemented in different dynamics and improvisation situations. I propose the participants to prepare their bodies in a personal way according to their own warm-up rituals so as to prepare their body as needed. The principles to be explored will be the following: the relationship between movement and the visual field; the active body v / s passive body; the modification of our movements under different operations such as amplitude, intensity, presence v / s absence, doing and being; body as materiality; and dance as collage. The ultimate goal of all this is to see to what extent different modulations can be created between the different principles and between the different criteria of each principle, creating, perhaps, a dance that is in thousand places and nowhere at the same time.

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