with Natalia Pieczuro
13.09 – 17.09.2021

“No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.” /W.B./ This creative lab is dedicated to the present moment and finding your wings. You have only one day – today – how can you “be”?
How many “yous” can you be? How well do you know yourself? How can you be open to the “new” and still be well rooted? We will be listening to the others and to ourselves.
Listen and try to understand.
We will work on strengthening the focus, awareness and the whole system. The work will be based on tasks using Fighting Monkey Practice: improvisation, theatre, voice and partnering as a tool.Our main context of work will be our partner – the other person – and time.
The work with “him” will influence our behavior, the diversity of qualities, tempo and rhythm of our movement.
This lab is open for anyone, willing to step into the unknown. We can create complex, full of sounds music, but what counts the most in it’s beauty, is the silence between the notes. The duration of silence. This same applies to life. “The silence” is the moment when everything and nothing can happen.

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