with Sofia Brito
16.08 – 27.08.2021

Behind mistakes nourishes my imagination and poetry, it gives me freedom and focus at the same time. I do not believe that mistakes are to be corrected, but they are a path that opens up what was not planned to happen according to a certain correct way. A  mistake can become an act of rebellion, a gesture of identity, a realignment with something bigger than our perception. We will have a warm-up connecting with our own, in a diversity of specific focuses: matter, emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual and different aspects that we can differentiate or overlap in layers. Through improvisation scores on solos and duos we will bring up questions around the subject of what a dialogue is. Improvisation will be a strategy to explore the frontier between understanding and misunderstandings and to broaden our vision on communication. Dialogues can be mysterious, insofar as we can activate different people or meanings within us and in relationships with the other side of the dialogue: mirror, shadow, reflection, resistance, testimony, conflict, reconstruction, etc. Behind mistakes can be the source of a very creative, essentially intuitive, and certainly personal state of consciousness; as a revelation of the hidden behind the visible / obvious reading; it can also be a source of authentic energy boost. It brings an internal, external and beyond dialogue.

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