At AORCA, we want to support and stimulate the creation of performing arts in the Algarve region and create bridges between contemporary performing arts and schools.

In 2017, when the potential oil exploration off the coast of Aljezur threatened the Algarve, we recognized the lack of ecological awareness among young people and schools, we united these two needs and the vision and mission of stimulating contemporary artistic creation with values of environmental and social regeneration was born.

By creating plays aimed at a young audience and children, the association aspires to create a participatory youth movement through the pre-show cultural mediation activities, such as the Spectator Workshops.

The activities we develop in this aspect aim at raising awareness for global citizenship – Education for Sustainable Development – that is, art in education as a driver for social transformation towards the prevention and fight against social inequalities, the fight against discrimination, the promotion of the common good, inclusion, interculturality, social justice, sustainability, solidarity and peace, both locally and globally.

As a dance company in the Algarve, AORCA supports and welcomes local artists as well as foreign artists and aims to offer them artistic residencies and production support within a structure that enhances critical and informed observation of current affairs, empowerment for freedom of thought, stimulating civic power and boosting personal creativity and cooperation.

You can find on this page the creations supported and co-produced by AORCA, for the 2022/23 season:

No, woman, no cry… but when they do? by Marion Sparber

Alice in Wasteland, by Maria Clara Villa-Lobos.