Sofia Brito graduated as classical dancer by the Professional School of CNB, National Ballet Company of Portugal in 95, and from P.A.R.T.S. in 1998 as first generation of the new international school for contemporary dance and choreography under the artistic direction of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Some choreographers with whom she had the chance to work with closely and have been relevant in her personal path have been Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Vim Vanderkabus, Randy Warshaw and David Zambrano. She danced in the movie ‘Rosas Danst Rosas’ under the direction of Thierry de Mey and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker; in a Robert Wilson production, at the Nadine Ganase Company, in a creation by Gisele Vienne and Etienne Bideau. Sofia has been choreographic assistant of Slava Sanches. She collaborated with Steve Paxton on ‘Material for de Spine’ and was part of his educational DVD. Sofia continued her training of improvisation for stage, Flying Low and Passing Through with David Zambrano, and Contact Improvisation / Underscore with Nancy Stark Smith. In her research on movement she practiced intensively: Body-Mind Centering, Tango, Traditional Martial Arts, Yoga and Shiatsu.

Sofia has always been involved in the education of Arts, and has developed for several years educational projects with Gerhard Jäger as a team member of ABC Arts Basic for Children, and taught at Muse program on Arts education. She was a dance teacher at L’Espace Catastrophe Circus Arts Center in Brussels from 2003 to 2012. Between 2010 and 2013, she made four original community Theater-Dance creations produced by Teatro Tempo and J. F. Portimão. 

Between 2004 and 2018 she made dance creations in solo and duets co-creation with musicians and visual artists: ‘Taking Shape’ (2004), ‘Changing Skin’ (2006), ‘Acorda!’ (2011), ‘See the world through indow'(2012), ‘Kaypin The Earth in You’ (2012), ‘Wild Breath’ (2014),  ‘Untitled’ (2013), ‘What’s now!’ (2018). In 2018, she co-founded the AORCA Associação de Observação, Regeneração e Criação na Actualidade, to support a crossing point between arts, education and civilization changes. She created seadance platform, where she is the artistic director and coordinator of this new project for artistic residencies, to support contemporary creation for stage, with a focus on bringing a positive contribution and empower creativity with a vision that cares for the importance of future generations in the choices of today’s world.

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