Find the individual biography of every artist involved in AORCA programs. We invite artists with high quality skills as artists and as teachers. These artists are brilliant and creative in the way they share their knowledge, teaching through the body and sharing their vision as artists in their contribution to the world. They are connected with the power of dance as a transformative art, they have the passion to make life a beautiful place to live and spread it. 

You can also see the overview of the full program in calendar.

«I am very thankful to each one of them, they are an inspiration to me, and I wish all of you to have the chance to meet them, to dance together, to talk and listen, to be together in Lagos for some days. I believe your personal power as an artist will grow with confidence in you.»

Much love,

Sofia Brito

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Sofia Brito

Sofia Brito graduated as classical dancer by the Professional School of CNB, National Ballet Company…

Alan Fuentes Guerra

The mexican dancer and teacher received his education in dance at the academy SEAD Salzburg,…