AORCA, Association for Observation, Regeneration and Creation in Actuality, is a non-profit association based in Lagos and founded on 17 May 2018.

AORCA is seeking to foster bridges and meeting points in the area of culture with structures and institutions from the sector of environmental protection, nature and ecological sports, sustainable and conservation tourism, social and inclusion sector, protection of human rights and gender equality and valorisation of cultural and artistic diversity. After 4 years of activity AORCA is now starting a plan with a vision for another 4 years. The activities we currently develop and produce are strongly linked to the arts and vision to raise awareness about global citizenship, Education for Sustainable Development, as engines of social transformation towards the prevention and fight against social inequalities, the fight against discrimination, the promotion of the common good, inclusion, interculturality, social justice, sustainability, solidarity and peace, both locally and globally.

AORCA is a platform for artistic and educational production and creation. We have divided the activities into 4 projects, with specific mission within the whole of its activities. Each project has several distinct activities and events, some linked and all complementary. We offer a programming of cultural events (shows, concerts, flash mobs, open stages), workshops, artistic residencies, professional projects for young people, professional creation and creation with the community.

  • ARTISTIC CREATION of independent creation projects in performing arts.
  • AORCA SUMMER LAB is a programme of artistic residencies, support for creation and training (DGARTES project support: Development of Audiences)
  • SONS AO CREPÚSCULO is a programme of classical music concerts.
  • JOVENS CRIATIVOS is a programme of projects for young people and support for young initiatives.

AORCA 2022 a 2025
The development of audiences, training offer for young innovative people in the region, the complete and diversified cultural offer, and the awareness for themes that need to be in the collective consciousness of all, moves the spirit of the members of this association. In this sense, AORCA is designing a cultural offer for 2022, for the municipality of Lagos with the intention of continuity for the years to come. Programming with regional, national and international partnerships. This programming involves a classical music festival, with master classes and other training activities. A programming in theatre, dance, performing arts and music for young audiences in the context of school offer and for families, as spectator workshops. A supported plan to frame artistic residencies in performing arts and disciplinary crossing, focusing on innovation and co-creation. This programming is designing an offer for conventional spaces such as concert halls and theatres and for unconventional spaces such as churches, historical heritage sites, natural heritage and urban spaces.

Institutional support
  • Lagos Municipal Council
  • Portimão Municipal Council
  • São Gonçalo Parish Council
  • DGARTES Portuguese Ministry of Culture
  • DRCAlg Algarve Regional Directorate for Culture
  • Teatro das Figuras
  • TEMPO – Teatro Municipal de Portimão
  • Turismo do Algarve
Local partners
  • ADL Lagos Dance Association
  • Lagos Military Mess | Army
  • PND Projecto Novas Descobertas (New Discoveries Project)
  • Quinta Vale da Lama | Permaculture
  • Vale da Lama Eco-resort
  • Casa Sakra House
  • Moldopóli
  • Future ECO Surf School
  • Dancenema Association | Intertwined Festival
  • Bemposta School Grouping
  • Ar Quente Association
  • Camada – Centro Coreográfico

Past projects

Artists that we host between 2018 and 2020: David Zambrano, Milan Herich, Horacio Macuacua, Sofia Brito, Seviç Liz Leila, Marion Sparber, Alan Fuentes Guerra, Hugh Stanier, Roberto Olivan, Natalia Pieczuro and Varinia Canto Vila. Artistic Read more…


Find the individual biography of every artist involved in AORCA programs. We invite artists with high quality skills as artists and as teachers. These artists are brilliant and creative in the way they share their Read more…