Artists that we host between 2018 and 2020:

David Zambrano, Milan Herich, Horacio Macuacua, Sofia Brito, Seviç Liz Leila, Marion Sparber, Alan Fuentes Guerra, Hugh Stanier and Roberto Olivan.

Artistic residences and/or creations with shows and public presentations:


  • Passing Through directed by David Zambrano with 28 international artists coming from various continents. (4 weeks in 2018)
  • Anti-Furo 2018 artistic and social manifestation (against the oil borehole on the Algarve coast of Aljezur).
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  • “What ‘s Now” Creation by Lagos resident artist Sofia Brito with Finnish composer Seviç Liz Leila. With spectator workshops. (2019).
  • “Shared Levitation” Artist Residency by Marion Sparber and Alan Fuentes Guerra with local, national and international artists. (2019) See the video here.
  • 2019, 22st of June: ”Global Underscore 2019”, real-time practice in a worldwide event in synchronicity with 50 other locations, was attended by 25 participants.
  • 2019, 30.09-04.10: ”Human Moves”, professional & semi-professional training by Hugh Stanier.
  • 2019, 5.10: ”Contact Improvisation workshop” by Sofia Brito.
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2020 activities have been canceled and postponed. These are the ones we manage to bring to life and to the community:

  • 21st of June: ”Global Underscore 2020”, real-time practice in a worldwide event in synchronicity with 50 other locations, was attended by 17 participants.
  • ”In between” A site specific research project in natural spaces, by Sofia Brito and Laura Candeias. The project was presented three times between August and September, in combination with walks in the Costa Vicentina natural park in Vila do Bispo municipality.
  • 2020, 7-11.09: ”Outdoor workshop of contemporary dance” with Sofia Brito, Lagos
  • 2020, 3-5.10: ”Outdoor workshops of contemporary dance” with Roberto Olivan ended with a public show
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S e a d a n c e

AORCA / Seadance is a platform for performance art production in the Algarve.

Our aim is to create a vibrant cultural diversity in the Algarve and southern Portugal, by fostering an exciting professional arts scene in Lagos and the Western Algarve. We believe in combining the power of nature with the performing arts to bring new inspiration and depth to the creative process. That’s why Lagos and the southwest coast is a perfect new location on the world map of contemporary dance and avant-garde performing arts.

Seadance is thus a platform to support the innovation needs of artists in contemporary performing arts under the artistic direction of Sofia Brito. We chose contemporary dance for its multidisciplinary, inclusive and innovative character. In the creation of contemporary dance and associated arts, we can have physical theatre, new circus, music, performance, and crossing with visual and plastic arts, among others. Seadance’s mission is to create better conditions for artists to develop their creative work and to promote themes that bring awareness to contemporary issues and stimulate innovation and the creation of solutions. The vision of this project is to create an international network, and cultural crossroads, providing support from an international professional community that creates the events in partnership with AORCA / Seadance. Each event provides an opportunity for professionals to meet and support each other in their personal process. The aim of the Seadance platform is to support an experimental spirit in creation by offering artists meetings with time and space for: high technical training, creative research support, composing, realising performances and public presentations in Lagos and surrounding territory, to share dialogue and reflection, to see and be seen among artists and among the community.

Offer for the community

In order to bring communities together and raise awareness of social innovation for sustainable development, we have developed partnerships and activities for young audiences. In the summer of 2020 co-created the ECO KIDS programme with local partners:

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